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**** BUS FULL ****

We can confirm that the club has booked a 29 seater Mini-coach departing at 06:30am from Matalan Car Park on the 25th of February (This Saturday). This will allow for a collection stop at Aviemore and a 15 min stop at Perth and then be at Falkirk for 09:45am (first race is 11:00am). If we have a late depart the stop at Perth may not be available. I will be down the night prior and will collect the race numbers and chips. Message if you cannot run so we can strike you name on the list below. If you are competing can you also confirm via this post that you still require bus transport? This is so that Grant and Mary who will be accompanying you on the bus are aware of who is going on the bus. Please take £10 with you to pay for the bus transport. There may be space on the bus for spectators/athletes so message if you wish a space on the coach.

From the entries taken this is who requires Bus Transport as of 13:23 24/02/17;

**** BUS FULL ****

1. Finlay Maclennan
2. James Geddes
3. Joe Arnaud
4. Luke Williams
5. Lewis Esslemont
6. Stuart Gardiner
7. Robert Thorne
8. Angus Smith
9. Gordon Manson
10. Ben Sharpe
11. Eric Robinson
12. Finlay Raynor
13. Sarah Liebnitz
14. Claire MacKenzie
15. Jennifer Mackenzie (Aviemore Train Station Bus Stop Pickup)
16. Kirsty Arnaud
17. Mary Payne (Usual Aviemore Pick Up)
18. Grant Nairn
19. Aidan Ferry
20. Graham Laing
21. Ruairidh Fraser
22. Charlie MacLennan
23. Margot MacLeod
24. Seats 24 to 29 taken up for return journey

**** BUS FULL ****

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