Honorary Life Membership

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Honorary Life Membership is awarded by Inverness Harriers A.A.C. to individual club members in recognition of their outstanding athletic achievement, services or contribution to enhancing the profile of the club.

Honorary Life Members

This level of membership is not something that is bestowed lightly and the Committee will accept nominations from any independent club member with appropriate evidence that the nominee has shown outstanding ability, achievement or contribution in their respective club membership capacity.

There are strict criteria on which Honorary Life Memberships are granted, including but not limited to:

  • The nominee has shown an outstanding level of achievement (i.e. Great Britain vest gained)
  • The nominee has shown an outstanding level of performance (i.e. Medal achieved at international championships – Junior, Senior or Masters)
  • The nominee has shown an outstanding level of contribution or services to the club (i.e. Number of years membership attained)

An Honorary Life Membership is requested through the Committee at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or any other meeting called by the Committee by a motion submitted in advance of that meeting. This motion is required to have two supporters (a proposer and seconder). All present voting members are then required to vote on the motion. If the motion is passed, the new Honorary Life Member will receive their certificate from the Club President at the earliest opportunity after the motion being passed and no fees will be due by the Honorary Life Member on the commencement of the new membership year.

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