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Inverness Harriers AAC is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all its members. The club believes that it is important that officers, coaches, officials, members and parents associated with the club should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of themselves and others.

The club has now adopted the Safeguarding policies as set out by our governing body Scottish Athletics – these were adopted at the Committee Meeting dated Monday 5th July 2021. These safeguarding policies and procedures, the corresponding safeguarding regulations as well as the Codes of Conduct, safe recruitment guidance and the Safeguarding Toolkit contain up-to-date guidelines for clubs and individuals.

If you would like further information on the policies below, please contact David McColl (Club Welfare Officer) at invernessharrierswelfare@gmail.com.


Safeguarding concerns can lie on a continuum from seemingly minor issues (e.g. breaking of small rules or minor breaches of codes of conduct), through to more serious, persistent, or unlawful behaviours (e.g., allegations or concerns about abuse, sexual or physical assault, or repeated or serious breaches of codes of conduct). To ensure an appropriate response to a safeguarding concern that reflects both harm and risk, UKA in conjunction with the four Home Country Athletics Federations have agreed these Safeguarding Regulations. The Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures will help everyone to understand their responsibilities and recognise and report a concern about a child quickly and consistently. Scottish Athletics are committed to safeguarding adults in line with relevant national legislation, and relevant national and local guidelines. Scottish Athletics are committed to develop a culture of zero tolerance of harm to adults, with this policy and procedures being developed to help everyone to recognise adults who may be at risk and the circumstances, which may increase risk.  This extends to recognising and reporting suspected harm both within our activities and in the community.

Club colours (bullet)    Safeguarding Regulations

Club colours (bullet)    Child Safeguarding Policy          Club colours (bullet)    Child Safeguarding Procedure

Club colours (bullet)    Adult Safeguarding Policy          Club colours (bullet)    Adult Safeguarding Procedure



The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 will directly apply in EU member states from 25 May 2018. The GDPR will govern how organisations use personal data and increase the protection of individual’s privacy. There will also be a new UK Act to replace the Data Protection Act 1998.

Clubs will be “controllers” of personal data (for example, name, address, date of birth) that they collect, store, use, share and delete (this is known as “processing” of personal data). Clubs will process personal data of their members, parents, volunteers, committee members, etc. The GDPR will apply to clubs, regardless of size.

Club colours (bullet)    GDPR – club briefing paper



The UK Athletics (UKA) and the Home Country Athletics Federations (HCAF) Codes of Conduct set out national standards of conduct for all clubs, coaches, officials, volunteers, and athletes in the sport.  The 2021 revised codes take account of developments in national policy, guidance, and practice. Every club, club member and anyone undertaking a relevant role must agree to abide by the codes of conduct either when they join a club as part of the club application process, or when they renew their club membership, or UKA licence.

Club colours (bullet)    Codes of Conduct Booklet

Club colours (bullet)    Codes of Conduct – Children & Young People          Club colours (bullet)    Codes of Conduct – Club Safeguarding          Club colours (bullet)    Codes of Conduct – Club Welfare Officer

Club colours (bullet)    Codes of Conduct – Coaches                                    Club colours (bullet)    Codes of Conduct – Parents/Carers                Club colours (bullet)    Codes of Conduct – Senior Athletes

Club colours (bullet)    Codes of Conduct – Technical Officials                     Club colours (bullet)    Codes of Conduct – Volunteers

Club colours (bullet)     IHAAC Code of Conduct Agreements:     Coaches Form     Athletes Form     Parents Form



Volunteers are the lifeblood of athletics and their dedication and commitment drives our sport forward and delivers success. However, every club has a duty of care to its members which extends to ensuring that anyone recruited to undertake regulated work is a suitable person for the role. The Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 (PVG Act) is in place to make sure unsuitable individuals cannot work or volunteer with children or protected adults (in regulated work). A key part to this process working correctly is for organisations to pass on information to Disclosure Scotland when they identify an unsuitable individual within their organisation.

Club colours (bullet)    Safe Recruitment and Management of Volunteers in Athletic Clubs

Club colours (bullet)    Policy on Referrals to Disclosure Scotland under the PVG Act

Club colours (bullet)    Secondary Organisation Contract – Completion Guidance

Club colours (bullet)    Secondary Organisation Contract – Scottish Athletics Ltd.

Club colours (bullet)    IHAAC Volunteer Information:     Personal Profile Form



The Safeguarding Toolkit is a collection of other policies, procedures and information which provides guidance to all on a range of topics associated with club members’ welfare.

Club colours (bullet)     Adult to Child Ratios                                                                                             Club colours (bullet)     Club Partnership with Parents Form

Club colours (bullet)     Clubhouses and Changing Rooms                                                                       Club colours (bullet)     Collection by Parents

Club colours (bullet)     First Aid and the Treatment of Injuries                                                                  Club colours (bullet)     GIRFEC and Wellbeing Indicators

Club colours (bullet)     Information for Children & Young People                                                             Club colours (bullet)     Managing Challenging Behaviour

Club colours (bullet)     Physical Contact                                                                                                   Club colours (bullet)     Preventing and Responding to Bullying Behaviour

Club colours (bullet)     Procedures for the use of photographs                                                                Club colours (bullet)     Sexual Activity

Club colours (bullet)     Social Media and Digital Guidelines:     Athletes     Clubs     Coaches

Club colours (bullet)     Additional advice when using Zoom for online meetings                                      Club colours (bullet)     Trips Away from Home

Club colours (bullet)     Useful Contacts and Websites                                                                              Club colours (bullet)     Volunteers aged 17 years or under

Club colours (bullet)     Welfare Officer Role Description

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