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Inverness Harriers Amateur Athletic Club (IHAAC)  is governed by a committee which is comprised of the office bearers – President, Vice-President, Secretary, Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Welfare Officer(s) along with no more than six (6) ordinary committee members. All committee members are volunteers and are elected into the committee for the next membership year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by all ‘voting’ members present. All committee members are eligible for re-election at the end of the membership year.

The full and final control of all club business is in the hands of the committee, performed by the elected committee on behalf of the club membership. The committee perform duties and responsibilities as per the laws detailed within the Club Constitution and other club policies. The committee convene every month, following a standardised agenda with meeting minutes produced by the club secretary (or designee) and ratified by the committee and shared to the club membership.

Previous ratified meeting minutes can be found using this link to a read-only folder within IHAAC’s Google Drive:   IHAAC Committee Meeting Minutes



Charles Forbes – President
Chris Bryden – Vice President (Acting) and Coaching Convenor vicepresidentihaac@gmail,com
Dianne Chisholm – Secretary
Karen MacMillan – Treasurer
Emma Davidson – Membership Secretary
Alison Macrae – Welfare Officer
Glenda Cooper – Finance and Junior Representative
Jonny Macleod – Road and Hill Representative
David McColl – Road and Hill Representative
Paul Davidson – Disability Representative
Dean Kane – Website and Records
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