IMPORTANT REQUEST – NDCC Championship – Dores, 29th November



A enormous amount of planning and organisation has gone into the Clubs hosting of next weeks North District Cross Country Championships at Dores.  The race looks set to be the biggest entry in the championships history with 56 athletes entered from IHAAC alone.

I order for the event to be a success we urgently need anyone willing to Marshall at Dores on the 29th to confirm their availability with Ross Nixon ASAP.  Currently only 4 Marshalls are confirmed and the event needs at least 12 to provide course management and directions. Anyone willing to help please message Ross or call him on 07734 960721. All offer are accepted from parents, non runners or anyone over the age of 16.

Alison Wilson is also looking for volunteers to help with catering.  With 56 club athletes entered into the races it is very important that everyone contributes to the success of the event and repays the hospitality that other clubs extend to IHAAC on a regular basis. Please mobilise your friends, family and anyone else to make cakes, sandwiches, fruit etc and inform Alison Wilson.

COURSE SET UP – Ross Nixon will be setting the course up on Friday 28th meeting at Dores at 10am.  Anyone will to help please contact Ross.  This is an ideal opportunity for athletes to see the lay  out of the course and assist Marshalls in knowing their areas of responsibility.  Meet at Dores Inn Car Park at 10am, set up will take approx 2 hours depending on the number of helper available.

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