Important request for Catering for Dores Cross Country

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A message from Vicki Macdonald requesting catering contributions for Dores Cross Country on 3rd December

Hi Everyone

Somehow I have landed (thank you Alison!) with the task of leading a group of us to organise the catering for Dores which is only a week on Saturday.

Some of you might be surprised to learn that we expect approx. 500 persons at the event who will all require to be catered for which on this occasion is the privilege of Inverness Harriers.  Approximately 100 Inverness Harriers (U11 through to Seniors) are expected to turn up for the event and if we all contribute then we can ensure that we have a good spread put on for everyone especially some people that have travelled a fair distance.  If everyone does their share it shouldn’t be too onerous a task.  We did think that we could ask every Inverness Harrier to bring in on the day a platter of food to feed 5 persons – ie 5 rounds of sandwiches, 15 traybakes, 5 slices of pizza, 10 sausage rolls, 5 hot drinks and 5 cold drinks but then we thought that the following idea might be easier !!!


50 Harriers:  Each to bring in enough tray bakes/loaf cakes, etc for 10 people

50 Harriers:  Each to bring in 10 rounds of sandwiches (or 5 filled rolls).  Split as follows:

10 Harriers :  cheese

10 Harriers:  chicken

10 Harriers:  tuna

10 Harriers:  ham

10 Harriers :  Egg


We would be grateful for all food donations to be labelled and be at the hall before the start of the first race (11.15) so that we can see what we have and keep back food for runners/marshalls that come in later in the day.


We appreciate that for some people that trying to find the time to prepare food for 10 people and get it out to the hall for 11.15 will be too difficult and therefore we are quite happy to accept monetary donations (suggested figure £5) from a few to assist us in purchasing cups/plates/tea/coffee/hot chocolate/milk/sugar/pizza/sausage rolls, etc.  All monetary donations should be handed to the club/coach no later than Thursday 1st December.


If you have a preference as to whether you wish to bring along cakes or sandwiches/rolls can you let us know (on this Facebook message) no later than Monday 28th November.  After that date we will see what is still outstanding and we will allocate accordingly.

We are also looking for people to assist us with the catering  which will start with hall set up about 8.30am and go on until clearing up the hall about 4-4.30pm.   The race times are as follows:


U11 B&G 11.15 am

U13 Girls 11.30 am

U13 Boys 11.45 am

U15 Girls  12 noon

U15 Boys 12.20pm

U17W/20 W 12.35 pm

U17M/U20M 12.50pm

Senior Women  1.10pm

Senior Men 1.30pm


Can you help us for 1-2 hours – it doesn’t have to be a straight session as we appreciate some people will want to go and warm up or watch their kids running – so it could be 2 half hours or 1 hour plus 2 half hours?  Let us know again here if you can help.










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