Cross country round up by Ross Cairns


Well, today we drew a close to the North District Cross Country League 2016 – 2017 which saw around 114 from the club complete from October to its finish today, albeit one less fixture this year. That’s a fantastic number (38 seniors and 76 juniors) competing over the mud, grass and gravel for nearly 5 months.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who made the journeys to these events, competed, acted as helpers on the day you all provided some lasting memories in terms of thrills, spills and some lasting pictures, support and camaraderie. Hopefully you enjoyed the league season as much as we did. It’s all of you that make this fun as well as the serious bits of competition. Your help and positivity to each other is really appreciated!

This League has proved a great event for the club and we have continued a healthy level of success over the years both individually and in team success. How did we get on today at this final league fixture?

Well I make that 7 Team titles from 10, 3 New District Champions from the club, 8 (one shared) Silver Medalists and 5 bronze. Today we had groups going 1234 placing I think twice.

We are nothing if we are not a team so take a bow all of you who at various points toed the line and contributed to the teams by placing and in support;

U11 Girls XC Champions 2016 – 2017
(Stroma, Zoe, Grace, Anna, Islay, Lucy, Kirstin, Isobel, Caitlin, Isla, Carrie, Kate, Millie)

U11 Boys XC Champions 2016 – 2017
Lachlan Buchannan Individual U11 Boys Champion
(Lachlan, Sam, Rory, Caleb, Finn, Adam, Jake, Bobby)

U13 Girls Team 2016 – 2017
(Kirsty, Beth, Ruth, Ava, Jasmine, Molly, Issy)

U13 Boys XC Champions 2016 – 2017
Lucas Cairns Individual U13 Boys Champion
(Lucas, Euan, Duncan, Angus, Eric, Gregor, Ben, Liam, Ewan, Findlay, Choppy)

U15 Girls XC Champions 2016 – 2017
Emily Andrew Individual U15 Girls Champion
(Emily, Rebecca, Rachel, Eve, Ruby, Alisa, Catriona, Emma, Megan, Cara, Katy, Ellen, Jenn, Margot, Tara)

U15 Boys Team 2016 – 2017
(Luke, Finn, Angus, Gordon, Dylan, Alasdair, Ewan)

U17 Ladies XC Champions 2016 – 2017
(Sophie, Connie, Jenny, Freya)

U17 Men XC Champions 2016 – 2017
(Ben, Stuart, Tam, Joe, Aiden, Mackenzie, Ruiaridh, Lewis, Robert, Luke)

Ladies Team Silver 2016 – 2017
(Sarah, Julie, Heather, Caroline, Roma, Joanna, Jodie, Sharon, Catriona, Doreen, Ann, Fiona, Lorna)

Men XC Champions 2016 – 2017
(John, Gordon, Paul, Graham, Finlay, Alec, Andy, Donnie, James, Graeme, Stewart, Steve, Michael, Jonny, Graham, Jonathan, Chris, Peter, Tim, Alex, Adam, David, John, Ross)

Thanks for your efforts this year so far as it makes all the coaches jobs that much easier. See you all at the prize giving in March with hopefully with more to report.

Finally well done to all at Sheffield and Glasgow we were hearing that you too were on the flying carpets and collecting the medals as well! Post up if you hear more info/results from today.

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